Welcome to They Call Me MISTER Hibbs

Comic Book, Toy, Game, and Button Sales

They Call Me MISTER Hibbs is a team based in Greenville, SC that buys, sells, and trades comic books, toys, and retro games, as well as makes pin-back buttons out of badly damaged comics (rather than throwing them away). If you are interested in a particular book or need custom buttons made, feel free to call, e-mail, or text us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Always buying Comics and Toys

We love comics and toys.  We love reading them, collecting them, even crafting with them.  If you have comics or retro toys that you would like to sell, please consider contacting us and we will meet with you on your terms and provide you the best possible pricing.  We will look at your collection individually and provide an honest evaluation of its value.  Even if you choose to sell your stuff to someone else afterwards, you will at least have another opinion of value in hand to help you get the best price.

Come See Us

Our next show will be on August 3-4 at the Charlotte Comicon Summer Show in Concord, NC.  After that, we'll be at Soda City Comic Con in Columbia, SC on August 10-11.  We'll have lots of boxes of Marvel and DC Silver, Bronze, and Copper comics. In addition, we'll have a nice set of "wall books", Star Wars, G1 Transformers, GI Joe, and other toys available...oh yeah, and tons of our Comic Buttons. Come say Hi!


Comic and Custom Buttons

As comic book people, we buy plenty of comic books.  We also sell and donate quite a few comics as well.  Sadly, not every book we end up with is in good shape anymore (some have been loved more than others).  If, due to condition, we don't feel right about donating them, we'll make pin-back buttons and magnets out of them.  It's turned into a fun way to preserve the art rather than just throwing the books in the trash.  We can also make custom buttons based on on your design.